MIS Department's function is:

The Management Information Systems (MIS) Department's function is: To provide Management and Information Systems and Technology in a cost-effective way which enables the County to make informed and accurate decisions in support of its overall aims and objectives;

To ensure that opportunities for process improvement are identified, including administrative effectiveness from new methods of working; to complete the migration of core administrative systems to an integrated set of management information systems, using the latest technology standards in line with the Information Technology strategy;

To provide consultation on the development and acquisition of computer hardware and software;

And to oversee finances related to computer hardware and software. The MIS Department aims to provide effective, efficient, and high quality services that meet the management and administrative information needs of Strafford County and its staff, in support of the County's strategic aims and objectives.

The MIS Department currently supports all Strafford County department technology systems, which encompasses 500 desktop computers, 100 laptops, 16 servers, 35 miles of network cable, 32 network switches, 700 telephones extensions and associated voice mail, 29 major software applications, the County's Website, and the storage of electronic documentation for the whole County and 6 tenant organizations.

Over the past six years, the MIS Department has lowered operating costs of computer and communication systems and installed technology that helps to pay for itself while providing state of the art technology for all County departments. The MIS Department's burden is 1.4% of the County budget; the national average is 5 to 10 percent.

Paul Kopreski